The objective at BIOLOGIC pharmamedical is to study natural medicinal agents we have insight on using commonly understood medical models to maintain the context studied in mainstream medicine; and that understood to be credible by allopathic medical standards. The aim is to expand the insight and create science-based evidence to support or refute a medical role for these substances. Mainstream medicine has leapt to formidable advances that have altered human existence in profound ways. At even the most basic levels of pharmaceutical and medical technology that we take for granted today human life is experienced differentially from that of yesteryear. We live free of old world fears that devastated huge numbers of our populations.

IMG_7315With the evolution of our new worlds and the technologies that advance our living conditions, however, comes new disease risks. Without a doubt we can say that prevention is the best cure and avoidance of the cause is the best preventive approach. Until we know what the causes for many of these new world diseases are we need to empower the body with preventive immunological and other counterforces that pose low health risks.

The intuitive approach is to look to natural medicinal substances that have co-existed and co-evolved with us for thousands of years to search for clues that may lead us to solutions to our new world riddles while we work toward eliminating the cause of premature aging and the neurological, metabolic and other diseases that accompany the degenerative process and cycle back to advance it. Using this philosophy and the insights we have accumulated over decades of immersion in the natural health industry and infusing them into high-tech medical probing protocols that dive deep to genomic and proteomic signalling cascades we have experienced success in our laboratory activities.

Science-based tools have been discovered and developed using this strategy during our course for humanity to consider in the arsenal against disease and premature aging; in support of better life quality and even in support of performance and better recovery. We hope our contributions can be added to those of other researchers in an additive way to support a better understanding of how, if and when these natural medicinal agents can be used to improve quality of life. More work is needed to take these compounds and their isolated fractions to the next level; nevertheless they can serve consumers with effective and even tear-jerking results today. Ultimately, these findings add to those in the literature to help allopathic medical doctors appreciate the medicinal activity of these compounds in the scientific context with which they are familiar.